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Easy Identification with ChromaID

The ChromaID Scanner Kit is now available. Order yours today.

The ChromaID Scanner offers a surprisingly low cost per scan, high speed, great portability, and breakthrough ease of use.

Take the scanner into the field and take your scan in seconds. Check for a match in the ChromaID database. No special training needed.

Or, use the Kit and the SDK for research and new product development. Write new software. Create new devices. Add ChromaID to your phone - or your cash register.

2013 Annual Prism AwardsAward winner! ChromaID won the Green Photonics section of the 2013 Annual Prism Awards at SPIE Photonics West 2013. This is only the beginning for ChromaID.

Expect to see breakthrough applications of ChromaID in every area of photonics. And come see us at major SPIE tradeshows. Contact us for details.

Demo Videos

Visualant ChromaID Scanner Video

See the new scanner in action. Watch our demo videos on YouTube.

ChromaID for IAD

ChromaID for IAD

The ChromaID Technical White Paper explains identification, authentication, and diagnostics.

Inventor in the Garage

Prof. Tom Furness outside the RATLab

Read our technology success story in Nature's Color Identifier - The ChromaID Story now.