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ChromaID Scanner Kit

Capture and identify ChromaID Signatures of substances and materials right out of the box. The Kit includes software and a USB connecting cable. After buying the ChromaID Scanner Kit, join the Visualant Developer Program to get the ChromaID SDK for free.

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The ChromaID Scanner is less than 6" long and 1" across, with a 6mm round scanning area.

Capture 300 digital measurements from a dozen LEDs, UV to near-infrared, in less than a second.

Wide Spectrum
The ChromaID Scanner's 12 LEDs range from 355nm (ultraviolet) to 1450nm (near infra-red).

Low Cost Per Scan
Scans are fast, convenient, and nearly free. Mass deployment cuts costs further.

Real-time Analysis
Included ChromaID Lab software gives you quick capture, analysis, and storage for Signatures.

Free SDK
ChromaID Scanner owners join the Developer's Program and receive the SDK for free.

ChromaID Device Development
ChromaID Scanner Kit
ChromaID Scanner Kit
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