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ChromaID Software Developer Kit

The ChromaID Software Developer Kit (SDK) will help drive new applications for ChromaID and a new generation of ChromaID-based devices. The SDK is free with purchase of a ChromaID Scanner Kit.

The Software Development Kit includes six components:

  • ChromaID file description. A ChromaID file describes the LEDs in the device, the current amplitudes used for a scan, and the amplitude readings at each wavelength.
  • API definition. Use the API to make your ChromaID module do whatever you need. Write your own Windows DLL and calls.
  • FTDI Driver. The Future Technology Devices International (FTDI) driver supports RS-232 communications.
  • LabVIEW Instrument Driver for Scanner. This LabVIEW palette serves as an API to the Scanner.
  • LabVIEW interface to SQL Express database. Easy file storage and retrieval using SQL.
  • LabVIEW runtime engine. Bundle your LabVIEW palettes with the LabVIEW runtime engine.

ChromaID SDK Use Cases

You can create your own ChromaID-based sensor module or device:

  1. Module. Choose wavelength-specific LEDs and photodiodes for the substances and materials you need to distinguish among.
  2. Device. Plug your module into an existing device, such as a refrigeration unit, or create a new device with power, communications, a trigger, and a case.
  3. Device driver and control application. You may want to interface your device with a computer or mobile device for command, control, and communications.
  4. LabVIEW interface. You can speed development with LabVIEW and optionally license the LabVIEW runtime to ship with your product.
Get the ChromaID Scanner Kit now and apply for your free copy of the SDK today.

Developer's Kit


Could that white powder be cocaine? An explosive? Scan the powder using ChromaID. LEDs flash; databases are checked; and you can detain the traveler - or send them on their way.

Law Enforcement Examples
Which one is for cooking; which one is a drug;
and which is an explosive?
Authentication Examples
Special papers make special objects.
ChromaID separates real from fake.


Counterfeits are getting harder to spot, from credit cards to cash. A police officer can scan a driver's license for specified document features and note their presence - or their absence.


Non-invasive diagnostics is the watchword for safe, affordable, repeatable medicine. Check a newborn's skin for jaundice. Confirm that a scalpel is sterile. See if it's time for an insulin shot.

Diagnosis Examples
Is there evidence of jaundice or other issues?
Has there been a change from a previous scan?
Verification examples
What's in the white pills?
Which of the colored pills are prescription vs. OTC?


Is it a limited-edition print - or a cheap imitation? A branded drug - or a generic copy? Trillion-dollar industries depend on the answers. Prevent loss of revenues and brand value due to fakes; add value to verified end products.


Foodstuffs are global commodities - and prized locavore treasures. ChromaID-based devices can verify the best, and remove old and spoiled food from the food chain - adding billions of dollars in value while protecting public health.

Agricultural Examples
Is this apple just ripe enough?
What's the brix of the wine grapes?
Environmental examples
Is the water safe to drink?
Are the salmon eggs pristine, or contaminated?


A ChromaID-based device could trace pollutants in a river back to their source, in real time. Such rapid tracking could preventing environmental degradation in real time - and even save lives.

Product Concepts

ChromaID Scanning technology can be built into a wide range of form-factors. To help us refine
the requirements for designing scanhead components, we have explored these product concepts:
bench top probe Portable biological scanner Skin tone wand Bench-top lab tester Ruggedized portable industrial scanner Wall-color checker Bluetooth to Smartphone bottom right bottom right top right top right bottom right
A bench top probe for
attachment to a PC
Portable biological
scanner for field use
Skin tone wand tethered
to a counter station
Bench-top lab tester for
attachment to a PC
Wall-color checker with
Bluetooth to Smartphone
Ruggedized portable
industrial scanner


1.   What identification tasks can ChromaID handle?

The current ChromaID Scanner is equipped with LEDs covering the spectrum from ultraviolet, through visible light, to near infrared. Use the Scanner for specific existing tasks and to test the usefulness of ChromaID and the Scanner for new tasks. Consider partnering with Visualant if you want to create new devices and new sensor modules.

2.   How do I use the ChromaID Lab software?

The ChromaID Lab software creates a rich and colorful display of the ChromaID Signature of a sample, based on the LED set in your ChromaID Scanner. The software quickly compares the Signature to its database and identifies whether there is a match with existing Signatures.

3.   What can I do with the SDK?

The ChromaID SDK is powerful and flexible. Use it to integrate ChromaID scans into your current workflow, including interfacing to existing databases. Or create new applications to support new uses of ChromaID technology.


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