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Ron Erickson
Tom Furness
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Mapping the World in ChromaID

Ron Erickson spotted something special from his first encounter with ChromaID technology. Ron sees Visualant as uniquely positioned to facilitate innovation in photonics. Ron says that the most exciting application of Visualant's technology is the one that hasn't been imagined yet.

Ron has been seeking and finding new ways to make a difference for decades. His early companies helped define personal computing, including online software provider Egghead Software and MicroRim, a database developer.

Ron has an intuitive understanding of opportunities that are ready for him to get involved in. He says that there is no substitute for luck, but that luck serves the well-prepared.
Ron Erickson

Tom Furness

Innovating in Human Interface and Photonics

Using advanced technology to help extend people's reach and grasp has been the focus for Prof. Tom Furness for decades. Professor Furness provide breakthrough technology for fighter pilots. Yes, for a few of us, it is rocket science.

Prof. Furness always seeks to make technology better serve people. As founder of the Human Interface Technology Lab (the HIT Lab), Prof. Furness has brought his vision to fruition in Seattle, New Zealand, and Australia. Projects include virtual learning, virtual reality, and 3D microscopy for cancer screening.

Now, Prof. Furness has seized the opportunity to lead the creation of a categorically new kind of photonics technology - an unusually large accomplishment in these days of narrow scientific specialization.